Künstler Portrait

Florian kam zu mir um Künstler Portrait von sich machen zu lassen.

He has lived an explorers life, travelling through many countries and making extraordinary encounters. Born in the Bavarian South of Germany in 1969, from an artist mother and an engineer father, having spent his childhood first in the Alps, he then moved south to Northern Italy to become one of the free-spirited athletes there in the Nineties.

After art school and university in Munich and Minneapolis, he travelled through the most part of the world, from the Great Frontiers of North America to the rice fields of Japan and the jungles of lush nature and hard violence of South America. In between, unnumerous visits to the cultural capitals of Europe as well as two journeys on the Camino de Santiago and a short period in a monastery in the mountains of Northern Thailand left deep impressions and a continuous desire to explore all cultures, people and souls.

Cosmopolitan Artist

He has since followed his cosmopolitan nature with the free spirit of a true artist, combining classical methods of painting with the expressive style of the contemporary and an urban art twist to it. Along his way, many encounters with diverse figures of art and religion such as the Austrian painters Ernst Fuchs and Wolfgang Hutter, the Italo-Argentinian painter Alessandro Kokocinski, Amarin Brandt and others left deep impressions on him and influenced his artistic evolution. Currently, he lives and works in the Bavarian countryside.

Hier der Link zu seiner Website. Fragen Sie mich an für eindrucksvolle und authentische Künstler Portrait an!